PreK-12 State Longitudinal Data System Support for State level Education Agency

VivSoft is Providing Portal development services to the PreK-12 Longitudinal Data System Project and more than 20 portal solutions for a state level education department under the Data Projects Portal including the CMS, StLDS, Race To The Top (RTTT), P20-MLDS, LEA-Collaboration, P12LDS, ECD, The Breakthrough Center, Assessment For Learning, etc. Designed, developed and launched 4 waves of a new public site for 36 State’s P12-Data Dashboards using WebCenter-OBIEE dashboard integrated 3-tiered environment. This work is based on RTTT grant from federal government.

Under this competitively won 5 year contract, VivSoft has delivered:

  • a live 3-tiered WCP-v11117 K12-LDS site with OBIEE integration showing 36 dashboard areas
  • a live MLDS Center site on Webcenter 11g, along with its 3-tiered environment
  • a live portal 10g based site with 18 applications to 18 separate groups (also administers it)
  • an APEX-based live environment with 6 applications