Cloud Transformation Services (using AWS) for Mortgage Insurance Firm

VivSoft is part of a Cloud Transformation effort for a large Mortgage Insurance player. VivSoft provides application architecture, design and implementation services using Amazon Cloud platform, tools and services. Our client connects lenders, home buyers, investors and loan servicers using a suite of private mortgage insurance and related risk management products and services. Under the new I.T modernization initiative, VivSoft is working as part of the Loan Origination Automation (OA) implementation using Amazon platform that uses S3, SQS, SWF, DynamoDB etc. This new OA implementation store the files uploaded by customers in Amazon S3 and uses OCR technology to extract the data from files uploaded by customers and stores as XML in S3 bucket. VivSoft addressed gaps in workflow steps and activities from file upload to final extraction and helped to implement development and testing task level project management using agile methodologies. Recommended process and staffing changes and created new design document.

Under this contract, VivSoft has provided the following services:

  • Manage Application Development & Support on Loan Data Repository Platform and Enterprise content management
  • Lead the team to implement LDR application using Micro services architecture using EC2, SWF, SQS, SNS, S3, Dynamo DB to Classify and Extract documents
  • Work closely with DevOps team, to create AWS resources for Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous Deployment (CD) pipeline on daily commits to spin about 120 servers on a pre-configured VPC to build, deploy, acceptance tests and terminate the environment
  • Work closely with the Client Architecture Group to define Technical Solution Design, Data Lake Specification, Data Lifecycle Management, Data Identification and Data Security Approaches, Developed approaches for Data-In-Motion and Data-At-Rest security
  • Designed and Enabled application teams to leverage Splunk using application logs and develop alerts, reports and dashboards and to improve operational Intelligence
  • Proposed solution and presented a POC using Cloudera and Amazon EMR based Hadoop systems for post processing analysis solution POC
  • Designing High Availability Infrastructure to Migrate Servers & Applications to AWS
  • Architecting High Available, Auto scalable platforms in AWS cloud on Windows
  • Designing Web Server High Availability & Load Balancing
  • Designing Database High Availability using MS SQL Mirroring in Multi-AZ
  • Designing Storage High Availability
  • Application Environment Analysis & Implementation on AWS environment
  • Migration of over Applications from existing datacenter to AWS Cloud