Application and Data Services for Oregon Health Authority

The Addictions and Mental Health division (AMH) of the Oregon Health Authority (OHA) provides Oregonians access to mental health and addiction services. The mission of AMH is to assist Oregonians to achieve optimum physical, mental and social well-being by providing access to health, mental health and addiction services and supports to meet the needs of adults and children to live, be educated, work and participate in their communities. In support of the OHA AMH’s mission, VivSoft provides Application and Data Services using it’s Health IT expertise.

Under this competitively won contract, VivSoft has delivered the following:

  • Capturing client demographic and outcome information from any counseling services received such as information on the facility, diagnosis, and other outcome data.
  • Utilized EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) to capture information for providers having their own systems to avoid double enter their data, thereby reducing the burden for providers.
  • Conducted analysis and providing application development using Cold Spring dependency injection framework.